Jan 11, 2015

Week 1 of Project 52

I have tried doing the 'Project 365' photo style, year after year. Some years I make it for months, some years I cheat and count a photo from a previous day for a day I forgot. Never have I made it all the way to December 31st, but I also have never regretted attempting it.

This year I am going to try something a bit different. Project 52. My girls are now old enough to be interested in writing about and preserving their own memories rather than just looking at the scrapbooks I create. So every Sunday we are going to take the time to pick 2-3 photos that I or they have taken in the previous week and create a Project Life page with them. Each kid will get to do this (some with more help than others) and hopefully we will make it all 52 weeks. I think that this will be a fun way for us to remember all the adventures, fails, journeys, memories and loves of 2015. I will be holding myself and my kids accountable by posting one finished page here each Sunday. What are you doing this year to preserve your memories?

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