Aug 9, 2013

Phat Binding

Our weather up here in the PNW has already begun to cool down. As sad as I am to see our summer go, I must admit that being a quilter, I get a bit excited for the cooler days. Days when my kids and I can cuddle together with a favorite quilt and read stories or watch a movie. On a recent trip to a fabric store with my mom, I came across some fabric that had quilt written all over it. So of course I did what any normal fabric addict would do...I bought it and made a new quilt. Today for our Phat Friday post I am going to show you how to create binding using a fat quarter of fabric.

1 Fat Quarter of fabric
Fabric Marking Pen (I love my FRIXION PENS!)
Rotary Cutter or Sewing Scissors
First find a fat quarter from your stash and iron it flat. Cut  seven 2.5" x 22" strips. I am going to sew these together using the 'crosswise grain quilt method'. Place one strip right-side up and place a second strip wrong-side up, with their ends meeting. They should be perpendicular to one another (creating an 'L' shape). 
*If you leave a little bit hanging over the edge you can use that as a guide for your needle.

Next we want to use the Frixion Pen (or your fabric marker of choice) to create a diagonal stitching guide on the top strip. Sew directly on top of the line. To remove the mark (if you are using a Frixion Pen) simply iron over your pen mark and watch it disappear.  You are going to repeat this with the remaining strips. As you continue to attach the strips together you will be creating one long strip.
Cut off the extra fabric on each intersection, 1/4" from your seam. Make sure you cut on the short side of the joint or you will be creating two separate strips which you will have to sew together again (not that I have ever done that...)
Using your iron, press the folds flat along your stitch line. Then clip off those little dog-ears. 
Now you should have one long strip of fabric. You are going to finish creating your binding by folding the fabric in half, length-wise, with the wrong-sides of the fabric touching each other. Press the fold with your iron and...Viola, you are done.
Now you can either wrap your binding into a circle to use  for later or apply it to your quilt now...but that's a tutorial for another day. Thanks for sewing along with me today.

If you make the strips smaller in size, say about 1.5 inches, your binding would be perfect for smaller projects like...buntings maybe... The possibilities are endless!

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