Aug 1, 2013

52 Ideas in a Hen House

So one of the things is love about being a lady of the Phat Quarters is that there are four of us. We each have different ideas, styles, lives, and way different creative processes. Yet all these differences create this amazing garden where that is lush and beautiful. Don't get me wrong I am a realist and I don't like to lie so -no, it is not always the Garden of Eden.
Like any hen house we squabble and cluck non-stop. We scratch our toes in the dirt even though we know someone else just check that spot and occasionally we peck at each other.
But more importantly we take on each others burdens and would tend each others little ones at a drop of a feather, so a tired hen can fly down from the roost for a drink or just to put her head in bushes as cluck as loud as she possibly can in an attempt to erase the frustrations of the day.
The other day we had this great little moment where we were huddled in a circle with our beaks scratching in the dirt and our round adorable tail feathers were proudly displayed, when Sheena said "Hey, let's do buntings..."
At this moment I think both Leah & I stopped mid chew of some DE-lish tomato bugs and were paralyzed
, staring at Sheena until Jen closed our beaks and wiped the gathering droll from our feathers.
This is Sheena you see. The rushed get-her-done and do it now, no need to savor your food let alone taste it- just eat, Sheena. Sheena, our Sheena wants to do something fu-fu and fluffy, something dainty and detailed? Oh yes she did! She actually convinced us to not only make A bunting but 52 of them.
Oh, yes - you read that right...52 buntings, one a week for a year. Our last bunting might need to be "please come home, sweet hubbie of mine" but game on.
And thats' how this happened. A year of buntings. 52 Phat Buntings. Every week we will present you a new bunting. It might be associated with a holiday, event, or just cause. Some will be fabric, some organic in nature, some paper, some pictures; my first one is made from lunch sacks (really it is!). We will give you tutorials, tid-bits, and kits. We would also love it if you played along and made one or two yourself. We would love to see what you like and how you made it; 'cause we might run out of ideas and need some of you to fill in. We plan to start this dabbling into the world of buntings next week and will share our many dibbles with you through out the year.

Wanna Join the fun? Of course you here is a button you can take and share, pin, or add to your blog to remind you where to look for the next 52 weeks for PHAT bunting ideas.
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" width="125" height="125" /></a>

P.S. Thanks to all the wonderful people who shared these perfect chicken pictures on the web, I got them all from Google. I LOVE CHICKENS!
P.S.S. To whom-ever owns this hen house, you and I should be best friends!

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  1. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Oh my heavens! I LOVE the bunting hanging over the chicken house! Too darn cute!
    Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods and commenting on my mini Summer bunting.
    Happy to have met another "bunting lover " :0)
    Please stop by again soon!

  2. Oh how fun is this. Love your chicken house and the bunting is just the cutest. Great post. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  3. Cool idea! The hens look cute! Thanks for linking up at Submarine Sunday!


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