Mar 19, 2013

Yellow Brick Road

Happy Baby Quilt - made in 2010 before I was pregnant with my daughter .. now she has claimed it
With a sewing machine from my mom & quilting inspiration from my mother-in-law, I mostly taught myself how to sew & quilt.  (yay for awesome sewing & quilting blogs!)  One of the first quilts I pieced was a Yellow Brick Road quilt.
baby boy quilt made for a friend 2013

I first loved this pattern because it is so easy to follow with clear concise instructions & pictures for each step.  Since I had yet to accumulate any kind of fabric stash, it was easy to get started with just a few of my favorite fat quarters.  The best part, as a beginner, is that there is no matching of seams, until you start attaching all of the blocks. 
Lazy Sunday - lap size quilt for my Mom 2010

I’ve led several friends through making their first quilt using the Yellow Brick Road pattern.  It is still one of my favorite quilt patterns because of the versatility of design & it can be a quick project.  I've made quilts with borders, without borders & I've even added sashing in between the blocks.  
After Dark - quilt for my Dad 2010

If you want to get started with your own Yellow Brick Road quilt, here are the materials you will need for a lap size quilt.  (the pattern includes baby through king size):
  • Pattern:  Yellow Brick Road by Atkinson designs (find it in our shop)
  • 12 fat quarters for the quilt top (I prefer all different prints)
  • 2 yards for the outer border & binding
  • 3 yards for the backing
Are you a quilter?  What was the first quilt pattern you used?  Tell us about your experience with the Yellow Brick Road pattern.  

We would love to see your quilts & other fun sewing projects!  
Upload your pictures to our Flickr group!


  1. Looking at the different quilts your pattern is very versatile indeed. My first quilt was made adapting Film and the Fridge's rectangle squared block - with completely wrong measurements. :)

  2. It's always fun to see a quilt pattern made with different prints and colors. I shows the wide variety of looks you can acheive!

    1. I agree, Randi .. Thank you! I've made several other quilts with this pattern (they escaped my camera) & I'm still not sick of the pattern yet :)

  3. How fun...I love how the quilts look different...and it looks like a pattern I can handle. =)

    1. This is definitely a pattern for every level of quilter! :)

  4. Love the sashing in between... I wouldn't have thought of that

    1. Thank you, Natalie. I felt that the fabrics were way too busy & the eyes needed a resting place. :)


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