Feb 4, 2013

Meet Sheena...

What is your favorite piece of fabric in your stash right now? Enchanted Rainforest by Maywood. It is bright orange and beautiful. I am most excited about it because this will be the first time to ever you an orange in a quilt. It is just so bright and pretty I have to get out of my brown comfort zone!

If you could meet anyone, who would it be? A younger Bill Cosby. That man is soooo funny. He was a genius in his time. He sure is getting old though. Love that man.

What is your favorite color? Brown. Lots of various hues. Current chocolate color is the best though. Who doesn't love Chocolate?

What other hobbies consume your free time? 
Reading. I love love love reading. Curling up next to my hubby while he is watching sports, snuggling in my bed, or taking a bubble bath with a good book. That is living!

Tell us about your family? I have 4 munchkns or as my oldest daughter says, 3 munchkins and a pre-teen. I am married to an amazing man, a 6th grade teacher. I have a 10 year old girl who is in love with horses even though she doesn't get one, a 8 year old daughter who is a girl through and through, a son who is 6 and love pokemon and old scooby doo reruns, and a little pixie of a 2 year old almost 3 year old daughter.

Finish the sentence; "I'd rather be...." Sewing a new project. Starting something new that I haven't tried before. So much fun to begin a new beginning.

What is your favorite decorative item in your home? My foosball table. It is in my home and according to my husband is a decoration and a game! He played on several when he was in middle school as a child. He can beat you without you even getting one point! Unbelievable. I don't love it, but my kids and him do. And that is what matters.

What is your favorite quote? Enjoy the Journey... because I struggle with the now. I love to plan
ahead and so keeping my thoughts ground to the now is important for me
to enjoy now.

What is one gift you received for Christmas? A gift way back in April of 2012 to help pay for a remodel of my backyard so that my very very steep backyard can have concrete stairs to the fence. It was an early Christmas gift that I have throughly enjoyed all the year through!

What is your favorite book? That is very hard. How about a favorite author or two. I love everything Brandon Mull has produced. Along with everything Lynn Kurland has made. I love books, have I said that yet?

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