May 3, 2017


It is getting close to Mother's Day and we are having a great sale on our entire SHOP to celebrate! All you need is the coupon code YAY30 for 30% off! Here is a sneak peek at a few of the new items in the shop for you to choose from. You MUST come over to our Facebook group Phat Quarters Fabrics and join in the fun we are having all week. Daily prizes, little videos, chit-chat, and sewing make my world go round. You can also find an amazing GIVEAWAY at the bottom of this page. 
So scroll through, see what is new and enter to win! 

Did you know that Cloud 9 Fabrics has great quality knits? This adorable line is called Sidewalk, by Rae Hoekstra, and it is perfect for the little people in your life! Tomorrow you can come back here and see what Jennifer of Kuttie Couture created with the Pink Flamingos. It is adorable!

This summer I have a goal of making small pool side bags for my girls. They are big enough to carry their own goggles, towels, sunscreen, and such and give my poor mommy arms a break. I am going to modify the FREE Holly Bag by Petite Stitchery & Co to make fabric loops for these amazing Lecien Jelly Handles! I think that these large, bright, and durable handles will be the perfect accessory! 

And with what fabric will I be making the bags from...uhmmm...well.... Island Girl by Lewis & Irene of course!! It is my new favorite summer fabric line! These little surfer girls, the vibrant colors, the turtles & hibiscus flowers, the feel of the fabric....its a no brainer for me!

We are starting to run low on Monalunas Simple Life line and now is the time to get your favorite print.

Enter the MOM's DAY GIVEAWAY here!

Apr 24, 2017

Sew Much Fun Blog Hop: Save Your Knit Scraps

I am so excited to be a part of and see all the great tips on the Sew Much Fun Blog Hop: Save Your Scraps! I am a saver and sometimes it maybe a bit overkill. But I also have 5 kids who love to hoard my scraps like little fabric hungry squirrels. They make all sorts of random crafts, trinkets, and clothing for their toys with the bits of fabric I do not use. Today I am going to give you a quick tip on saving knit selvages and long strips.

I love working with knit fabrics and great knit prints are everywhere right now! Right before I start to cut out a project I make sure that I am placing the pattern pieces so that there is a small strip by the selvage. After I am done cutting out my pattern I make sure that I go through and cut ant stripes that are at least 15" long. These long strings of knit are the best!
I used them for all the little details on my projects. They make great ties on joggers.

Can be used in patterns like Petite Stitchery & Co's Tansy Pants for cool ties.

We have also used them as shoelaces and to tie around fabrics that are headed out of the shop and into your hands. They work great for ribbons on gifts and they look so pretty in a jar for storage. So before you get rid of what you think is scrap fabric...find the long strings and put them to good use! I hope you enjoyed this quick tip and check out the other post to see more fabrics saving tips!

Apr 18, 2017

Growing Up Handmade with Phat Quarters

I can still remember the thrilling feelings of success when I made matching dresses for my all three girls and in time for our family photo-shoot. The year was 2009, I think, and this was the first time I had made a trio of dresses, but it would not be the last. They are peasant dresses of course- A great starting point for new sewers. The fabrics all coordinated but they did not match exactly. Every time I see this picture my heart melts a bit. They are so little and so cute!

Over the years I have made my children many dresses, shirts, skirts, blankets, accessories, bow ties and other such needful things. I have also watched as they have mixed and matched their clothing in an attempt to discover their own sense of style. I have taught them to sew and watched them make clothes for themselves. My children have truly 'Grown-up Handmade'! The thing is I am not ready to give this up. I want to keep sewing for them and I want them to wear what I make. There are many great PDF Pattern Companies out there that have stylish clothes for growing girls, like Sew Straight & Gather, Love Notions, and Chalk & Notch. I have to say though, I am a bit biased towards Petite Stitchery & Co! The style of patterns that I create for PS&Co have my tween daughters in mind!

It was a few years ago when I heard that dreaded sentence "This makes me look FAT!" Oh, how my heart broke. But it did teach me something about that daughters style in clothing, she likes fitted items that make her feel beautiful - like a girl not like a princess. While I love a good lose-fitting dress my tweens don't so much. So what do you do to get them to wear it? Try 'accessories'.

Belts seem to make my girls feel thin (which they are and which I remind them of such). Here is a great example. I loved this picture of the Zelt Dress by The Eli Monster. But, when I made it for my lady she was not going to wear it not matter the bribe. So what was it that changed her mind...a thin black bow belt from her closet. I simply wrapped it around her waist and she was sold! We went from sweet little girl dress to trend-setting tween dress with a simple belt.

I have also come to learn that my tween daughters are in love with crop tops. Dad & I....not so much. Yet there are a few great options for this too. Think outerwear and layers. We tell our ladies that they can wear crop tops as a layer like in Gracious Threads Henday Zip-up Hoodie. This one makes for a great Spring layer. Another option would be the Rosemary Crop Sweater by Petite Stitchery & Company (head over to the group to see it hacked for summer).

Another thing I have learned while sewing for my tweens is that fabric matters! let me say that again...FABRIC MATTERS!!! The funny thing is that even though they think that fabrics from the SHOP are adorable - they won't actually wear it. Luckily for me we all share a love of bright colors and bold prints. But the prints are now chosen by them, not me. Let me show you a few of their current favorites....
SHAPES - they love shapes like Leicen dots and rain drops or Riley Blake ginghams.
RELATE-ABLE PRINTS - we love the beach and my girls were able to visit Hawaii last summer with my in-laws (yes I am still jealous). Due to this and a particular new movie that I can not mention out loud, Island Girl by Lewis & Irene is a huge hit right now!

SOLIDS - Even small prints that read as a solid are my constant go to right now.  This Delilah Tunic from Petite Stitchery & Co is made with Studio E Peppered Cottons and they are so soft and beautiful!
 The last thing I want to mention is that if you want them to love who they are and what they wear make them accountable for it. Teach them your passion adn skill for sewing! I wrote and article for One Thimble about this and I can tell you that even though not all my girls have a desire to sew (yet) then all feel great about what they can sew and what their hard work looks like on them!

I hope that you are being inspired from this great blog tour! It is so wonderful to see so many tweens who still love to wear handmade! One of my daughters asked me, just the other night, if I would make her wedding dress when she gets married...I should have gotten it in writing but it warmed my heart! Don't forget to check out all the stops on this tour and to enter the giveaway for some amazing gifts. Happy Sewing!

Friday - April 21st
Round Up and Giveway Winners

Apr 4, 2017

Petite Stitchery's Delilah Tunic in Pantone

We thought it would be great fun to see what our Petite Stitchery patterns look like in 2017's Pantone colors. We have some great guest posts over on the Petite Stitchery and yesterday Deb, from Sprouting Jube Jube shared her pink yarrow Laurel. All Petite Stitchery & Co patterns are one sale, no coupon needed, through the end of the day. We also have a coupon code 'PHAT15" for you to use in the SHOP so that you can try sewing with solids! Today I am going to show you my sleeveless Delilah.
Delilah is a fun and simple tunic that is the perfect canvas for your creativity. I choose to keep it simple and clean. One of the options on Delilah is an accented hem band. I knew that I wanted the hen band to be lace, but I also wanted the tunic to be sleeveless so that it could transition from spring to summer. In the end I decided that it would be best to line the tunic and attach the lace to the lining.

I used 'the burrito' method to make the Delilah sleeveless. To do this I assembled the main tunic shell and then the lining shell. Next I laid them right sides together, pined the neckline and the armsyce, and stitched it all in place. To turn it out you gently reach through the front bodice and pull each back bodice out to the right side. Then I pressed all my seams and sewed up the side seams.

I love the simple and romantic look that we got with this tunic. I choose to use Studio E's Peppered Cotton in Seaglass. I choose this color because it is a blend of the Island Paradise and the Greenery from this year Pantone Colors. Peppered Cotton is a yarn-dyed shot cotton. That means that it is created with two different yarn colors running on the weft and warp of the fabric. The end result is a soft solid fabric that incorporates two colors of a beautiful new blended color.
I love how the white lace softly drapes from under the squared edges of the tunic. The length is wonderful for a pair of leggings and a great pair of boots. By using a solid color the tunic has a timeless look that is easy and perfectly soft for spring! My daughter is thrilled with this look and will be wearing it often! Do you like to use solid colors in your clothing? We would love to see your creations. Come join us at Phat Quarters Fabrics and Petite Stitchery & Co Fans

Feb 21, 2017

Sling-shot Target for Monaluna's Simple Life Blog Tour

One of the things my family loves to do is be outdoors. We love to hike and play in the woods. My boys have slingshots that they will bring along to 'hunt' with. When we decided to have a boy theme for this tour I knew that I wanted to do something other than clothing and the Bear Family fabric was a perfect match for the slingshot. So, I made a Target Stand for my little men and used the fabric to create targets! This was a very fast and easy project and I am very excited to share it with you as my stop on the Monaluna Simple Life Blog Tour.

To make the targets you will need the following supplies:
3 Fat Quarters
1 sheet of Phoomph
a D-ring
a heavy duty Hole-punch
a long ruler
a Rotary cutter
basic sewing supplies
Step 1: Using a long ruler and the rotary cutter, cut the sheet of Phoomph in half so that you have 2 pieces that are 6" x 9"

Step 2: Cut a 6" x 18" strip off of one fat quarter. Then you will cut this strip in half so that you have (2) 6" x 9" pieces. (I am using Bear Family for one target and Nature's Walk for a second)

Step 3: The fun thing about Phoomph is that it has a sticky layer on each side so attaching the fabric to the Phoomph is as simple as rolling it on! So peel the paper off of one side of the Phoomph.

Step 4: Roll up your fabric piece (it's just easier to do it like this) and then roll it out onto the Phoomph. Press it down firmly with your hand and then repeat Steps 3-4 for the other side.

Step 5: Find the center of your target and use a pin to mark a point about 0.75"-1" below the edge. Sadly the placement of my fabric put this right in the head of one of the bears...then again I am turing them into target practice so I guess it's fair game.... HA HAHAH...did you cathc that? I crack myself up!

Step 6: Using a heavy duty hole punch, like the Cropidille, punch a hole through the Phoomph target. This is where you will attach the target to the D-ring. Now you have complete one target. I did make two targets. Now you could stop right here, punch a hole in the top of it and be good, because lets face it boys don't care about the details. Sadly though I do so...

Step 7: So I needed to make some bias tape. I used the Herringbone to make my bias tape. There are a ton of great tutorials on how to do this, so I wont re-invent the wheel today.

Step 8: Now that I had some really cool bias tape all I needed to do is attach it to the perimeter of the target. Now I have an amazing target made from all organic animals (BWAAHAHHAAA!!! I just can't help it!)

Now you can be creative and hang your new target anywhere, but my hubbie and I also like to build things so we made a clever little Target stand. You can do this in a variety of ways. The important thing is the the cross bar of the stand needs to be smaller that your D-ring and the height of the cross bar needs to be at least 12" off the ground. We used some wood pieces that we had on had and a small wooden dowel.

Target Stand: Cut a piece of 2x4 into (4) 14" pieces. Add a hinge to the top of two of the pieces then repeat this for the other pieces. Attach a dowel holder (totally NOT the official word) to the top of each pair. Inset your dowl. The fun thing about this is that the boys can take it apart and assemble it on their own. It is also nice for storage!
I have pans to make a simple drawstring bag to store all the wood pieces and the targets, so hopefully I can get that done this week. Now the next time we go out into the woods, or on a rainy day, my boys can practice their sling-shot skills. Maybe one day they will even become good enough to catch a real bear or deer for a Sunday roast, until then they will be occupied and happy and I can see beautiful Monaluna fabric which makes me smile!
I had a blast thinking outside the box with this project and my boys are can't stop playing hunting. I hope you enjoyed this fun project. If hunting is not your thing, don't stress, there are plenty more stops on this tour with many more amazing boy themed projects that are just perfect for this new fabric line.

Monday:   Wild and Wanderful
Thursday: Ruby Rue Creations
Don't forget to enter the giveaway so that you can create something with Monaluna's Simple Life fabric! You can also find some of these prints in our shop so head over to get your now!

To celebrate the release of Simple Life by Monaluna, we are also hosting a GIVEAWAY!!! There will be 3 prizes and 3 winners so be sure to enter!

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