Feb 19, 2017

Monaluna's Simple Life Blog Tour


Welcome to Monaluna's Simple Life Blog Tour!

I'm Kelly from Handmade Boy. I'm honored to be helping Gemia with this tour. We thought it would be so fun to have a tour featuring some great BOY MAKES from the fabulous new line of fabric, Simple Life by Monaluna. This unique woodland line contains 9 Scandinavian influenced prints in a simple, yet beautiful, color pallet of blues, reds, and warm whites. You can read more about the inspiration behind the line over at Monaluna. These prints are being offered on canvas, lawn, and poplin! You will be able to find some of these great prints, as well as other Monaluna fabrics, in the Phat Quarters shop!

Today we want to give you a sneak peek at all the boy blogging brilliantness on this tour! You are going to love all the outfits and projects that these amazing bloggers have come up with!

On Monday we have Katy from Wild and Wanderful and her adorable son Louis. Katy makes her little guy the cutest stuff and she did it again using this great Bear Family from Simple Life. Blue is definitely his color and he wears it well!

On Tuesday we will be featuring Gemia and Phat Quarters. Thinking out of the box and outdoors, she created a quick and easy project to keep the little men in her life busy and on target!

Tami from Sew Sophie Lynn will also be sharing her creation. I would have never thought to use this great Herringbone poplin for a shirt! Love it!! Tami has a great sense of style when creating clothes for her sons.

Wednesday I'll be over on my blog Handmade Boy sharing the quilt I made Thomas using Bear Family, Nature Walk and Herringbone.

Roxanne from Crafty Like a Rox made her sweet little guy the cutest shirt using Bear Family and Herringbone. She will show it off on Wednesday as well. His sweet eyes get me every time I see a picture of him.

Ruby Rue Creations's Kasey made her son, the best sleeping bag from the Bear Family fabric for Thursday's stop on the tour. I'm so jealous! Maybe I can get her to make me one, too!

Friday we will be wrapping up the tour with Paisley Roots and  Sprouting JuJube.
Karly from Paisley Roots used her newest pattern the Thyme Vest for One Thimble with the One Point Canvas and Bear Family. It's like they were made for each other!

Deb from Sprouting JuJube is quilting up a fantastic Yellow Brick Road quilt with each print from the Simple Life Fabric line.

To celebrate the release of Simple Life by Monaluna, we are also hosting a GIVEAWAY!!! There will be 3 prizes and 3 winners so be sure to enter!

Prize 1: Half Yard bundle of the Simple Life fabric line
Prize 2: $25 gift certificate to Phat Quarters Fabrics
Prize 3: 3 half yards of Simple Life fabric

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Monday:   Wild and Wanderful
Thursday: Ruby Rue Creations

Feb 6, 2017

Spring Cardigan for Boys Can Wear Pink Season 3

It is time for one of my favorite tours! Boys Can Wear Pink!!!! This year however my main fabric is not pink. For the Boys Can Wear Pink -season 3, I am replacing the pink with print. Just as boys can wear pink, should wear pink (it's a great color) and do wear pink; I think that boys should be able to wear a 'girly' print just because they like it!

I love the fact that there are creative strong men who are having an impact on the sewing world like Matthew Boudreaux from Mister Domestic & Rob Appell of Man Sewing. I have had the opportunity to sit with and listen to Walter Bravo of Art Gallery Fabrics and Bryon from Lewis & Irene Fabrics, as they talk about the inspiration behind their companies, the joy of working with family & friends, and stories behind the prints that you see on fabric. I love that these men have found their passion and joy in this industry. My oldest son loves all the fabrics that come and go from my shop. He gets so excited over pink flamingos, sea monsters, flowers, plaids, solids....all of it! I am so grateful that we live in a time and day where his excitement in fabric can be celebrated.

When my little man helped me open a box of fabrics from Birch Fabrics he immediately fell in love with the sweet little pink bunnies that are bounding all over Bunny Hop from Hidden Garden. He pretty much begs me to make him something from every bolt that comes into the shop so I passed it off and just what he says. The next morning he asked again if I would make him something with it and my daughter turned to him and said, no that is a girl fabric. Well people, that did it! I wanted him to know that if he loves a fabric, any fabric, that is his choice and he should not feel bad for it.

Yes, there are sweet little pink bunnies on this print. Yes, there are flowers on this print. Yes, there are butterflies on this print. Yes, I cut that fabric off the bolt in front of him and told him to go wash it and pick out a pattern! Yes! My amazing, happy, confident little man is wearing pink bunnies on a navy background with white flowers and butterflies and YES!!! He is as happy as could be!

We decided that a cardigan would be perfect for spring and perfect for this Bunny Hop knit. While most might pair this print with a rosy pink or turquoise for a more feminine  look, I choose Art Gallery Fabrics Sahara Sun knit. I used Pattern for Pirates Cpt. Mack's Cardigan. This was a very fast and rewarding project. I even sped up the process by keeping my pockets and elbow patches raw. I know that my little man will be wearing this over and over again, proudly showing his classmates and teachers his 'sweet little bunnies'. Come celebrate with us and participate in the daily giveaway! There are many grate tour sponsors this year and today sponsors will make you smile! Be sure to follow along on all the stops and celebrate a boy being a boy wearing what makes him happy!

Boys Pattern Bundle from Love Notions Patterns
Pattern of choice from Pollywoggles
Pattern of choice from Cole’s Corner and Creations
Pattern of choice from Snuggle My Baby Patterns
Pattern of choice from Sisboom
$25 gift certificate from Hawthorne Threads

Dec 22, 2016

Ugly Christmas Sweater - Peppermint

The Peppermint Dress is my newest pattern for Petite Stitchery & Co! I love how fun and playful it is! My girls are having a lot of fun with this new new dress. I like how the style of the dress can change so much based on the fabric that you choose. Today I want to show you the how to up-cycle and old ugly Christmas sweater into a fantastic new Peppermint dress as part of Petite Stitchery & Co's Stylish Ugly Sweater Blog Tour! Such a fun idea right!!!
I took this men's XL sweater that I found at a local second hand store and carefully cut up the side seam and removed each sleeve. One tip that I would give for up-cycling is to be very precise in how you cut your original garment. You can lose a lot of fabric by cutting in the wrong spots. A side seam is a great place to start. Once you have your pattern pieces laid out on the original garment you can see how to manipulate it further to get the most fabric out of it. You still must pay heed to your stretch and grain-lines however or you will get a very wonky finished garment. I also like to save the work when possible so I used the old sleeve for my new sleeve and did not have to cut or make cuffs which saved me a good 10 minutes of work!
From here is was super easy to finish the dress. i simple followed the pattern directions. I did use new fabric for the lining and ruffles. I also made the new Tinsel Cowl Scarf with the left over knit I used for the ruffles. 
We adore how this turned out. It is a very fun a playful look for my almost 10 year old! I think it is a perfect combination of Holiday cheer, ugly Christmas sweater, and Petite Stitchery & Co Style! 
Thanks for visiting Phat Quarters today. Don't forget to head over to the shop and grab some fabric for your next project! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday  12/20 

Wednesday  12/21

Thursday  12/22

Nov 18, 2016

All Things Fringed

Do you love all things fringed right now? I know I love this trend and I love all the amazing ideas and inspiration that is floating around the sewing world right now. Over at Petite Stitchery & Co. we run a series called "Make it Mine." It is all about how you can take a PDF pattern and put your own personal spin on it. You have got to head over and see what three of our favorite testers did to the Fawn Leggings & the Rosemary Crop Sweater! It is fun, fast, & completely on trend. We are going to have a great big Black Friday Sale in our fabric shop next week AND we are running a Pre-Sale in our Facebook Group so come join the fun! See you there.

Oct 23, 2016

Cancer Sucks

How do you write a post about travesty that is Childhood Cancer? I am a mother of five children and I have not had to hear the phrase, 'I'm sorry, your child has cancer' and I hope & pray I never will. So who am I to even attempt to write to the world about this? Let me tell you. I am a Child of God. I am a Human. I am a Mother, a wife, sister, and a friend. I know cancer from a different angle and that is my point today. WE ALL KNOW CANCER from one angle or another. What we need to do then is recognize that it is a deadly disease and we need to fight and support those who know it on a much more personal level! There are many ways that you can support those who are facing this trial of life. Prayer, compassion, freezer meals, money, a warm smile, caroling, cards & letters, any small simple act of joy that extends to them a feeling of love from you. This is one of the reasons that I joined up with the lovely ladies behind Bloggers for Pediatric Cancer Warriors.
I moved to Vancouver, Washington almost 6 years ago. I knew no one! I was sitting with my kids in a local park one morning and beautiful woman with two small children walked up to play. There was something immediately different about this family. The one young boy ran to park with all the enthusiasm of a young child. The woman and her second child moved differently. She walked slowly and held tight to a cute little boy wearing a face-mask on his sweet bald head.
Today little Alex runs through life with the same enthusiasm I saw from his brother on the first day we meet! Chrissy (his mother) and I have become good friends and it warms my heart to see her smile as she joyfully watches her two boys thrive. Alex and his family have been able to preserver and are now giving that back to children and families that are fighting the battle every day! Chrissy remains in contact with the many children and their families who are still fighting. Her family is involved with many fundraisers and she often goes in and creates amazing henna tattoos to bring beauty back into these children lives. She is an inspiration to me, to fight a good fight, to never give up, and to always give back!
A while back I saw this video about designers bringing joy to children with cancer through fabric and I told Chrissy I wanted to do something similar. She told me that one of the things that bothered little Alex was that he had to wear a face mask all the time. Alex was very young during his fight and Chrissy said that it was a struggle to have him keep it on. A week or so later I saw the invitation to join this tour and I jumped at the chance. Chrissy and I are working to make face masks from knit fabric to give to our local warriors. This is one of the areas where you can help right now. For every yard of knit that we sell in our shop, from now till the end of October, we will match a 1/2 yard dedicated to face masks. We will then get a group of ladies together and sew up some new, soft, vibrant, and fun face masks to take to our local warriors. We really feel like these masks will help make them feel special and loved! So spread the word!
You can also help by participating and sharing the word about the Auction that we have put together. You can join the Facebook group for the Auction here. All the items up for sale are in the photos and the bidding will begin at 8:00 AM EST on Oct. 27th and close on Oct. 28th at Midnight EST. Remember to join the BPCW Auction Group for more details. In the meantime here is a sneak peek at what I will have up for Auction.

Further still you can donate any amount through American Childhood Cancer Organization or ACCO by clicking on the link; Donation from Bloggers for Pediatric Cancer Warriors . Our goal is to raise $500 and we truly believe that with your help we can do this! Be sure to enter the Giveaway as our thanks to you and visit the rest of the stops on the tour.
Blog Tour for “Go Gold©” Auction
Benefiting the American Childhood Cancer Organization

19th The Adventures of Bubba and Bug and Troops To Tots Giveaway is 5 copies of “Wild Things” by Molly Goodall
Giveaway is 6 month subscription to Seamwork Magazine
Giveaway is $20 gift certificate to PhatQuarters and pattern stash
Giveaway is $50 gift certificate to Pattern Review
Giveaway is $20 gift certificate to UpCraft Club

Giveaway is the book “Building Block Dress” by Lisel Gibson of Oliver & S.
GO GOLD® is the registered trademark of the American Childhood Cancer Organization
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